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The personalized message must be unique with all combined messages in the statewide database maintained by the Alabama Department of Revenue.  The maximum spaces on the standard plate is seven.  Some license plates are limited to five spaces.  

If you wish to renew your registration and apply for a prestige plate with a personalized message, then you may reserve your personalized message online with the Alabama Department of Revenue, (Personalized License Plate Reservation).  You may use the same sight to search for available messages.  

If you wish to reserve, there will be a charge of $2.00 to your bankcard.  After confirmation, be sure to finalize the transaction by registration in the county license office.

The following is a list of available distinctive license plates that may be personalized.  The annual license fee is $ 73.00 (unless noted) and the county issuance fee is $ 1.25.

  1. Alabama A&M
  2. Alabama Agriculture
  3. Alabama Cattlemen
  4. Alabama Forestry
  5. Alabama State
  6. Alabama Tennis
  7. Alabama Wildlife
  8. Athens State University
  9. Auburn University
  10. Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum
  11. Birmingham Southern
  12. Breast Cancer Research
  13. Cahaba River Supporters
  14. Choose Life Supporters
  15. Civitan International
  16. Curing Childhood Cancer
  17. Delta Sigma Sorority
  18. Ducks Unlimited (a)
  19. Educator
  20. Educator Retired
  21. Environmental Education
  22. Faulkner University
  23. Fight Breast Cancer
  24. Fighting Cystic Fibrosis
  25. Forever Wild
  26. God Bless America
  27. Huntingdon College
  28. Huntsville Hospital
  29. Jacksonville St University
  30. Judson College
  31. Letter Carrier
  32. Miles College
  33. Motorcycle Prestige
  34. National Guard
  35. Realtors
  36. Samford University
  37. Save the Saturn V
  38. Selma University
  39. Sons of Confederacy
  40. Spring Hill College
  41. Stillman College
  42. Support The Arts In Alabama
  43. Take A Kid Fishing
  44. Troy State University
  45. University of Alabama
  46. University of Alabama Birmingham
  47. University of Alabama Huntsville
  48. University of Mobile
  49. University of Montevallo
  50. University of North Alabama
  51. University of South Alabama
  52. University of West Alabama
  53. Veteran, Atomic Nuked
  54. Veteran, Battle of the Bulge
  55. Veteran, Desert Shield/Storm
  56. Veteran, Korean War
  57. Veteran, Pearl Harbor Survivor
  58. Veteran, Vietnam
  59. Veteran, World War II

(a) Annual Fee is $ 63.00