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Title Transfer For New Residents

In Alabama, all motor vehicles within 35 model years are required to be titled. Semi-trailers, recreational trailers and manufactured homes within 20 model years are also required to be titled. Beginning July, 2009, utility trailers designed to be pulled by passenger automobiles and pickup trucks are exempt from title requirements. More . . .

Title Regulations

All vehicles brought into Alabama require visual inspection at the county licensing office.  Trailers and heavy trucks may park in the northwest corner of the Annex parking lot near the railroad tracks or along the street curbs on Washington St. or Market St. The inspection may also be satisfied by an Alabama law enforcement officer at the owner's residence or other site within the county. More . . .

Title Transfers With A Deceased Owner

When preparing for the transfer of a vehicle belonging to a deceased owner, the family should first locate the Alabama title. If the motor vehicle is a model year within 35 years, then an Alabama title must be assigned to the purchaser of the vehicle.   More . . .

Titles For Semitrailer And Gooseneck Trailers

Utility trailers that are designed for pulling behind an automobile or pickup truck are exempt from Alabama title and remain subject to registration by the payment of license fees and ad valorem taxes (Section 40-12-252).  More . . .