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The standard license plate undergoes a design change every five years. The current tag design was distributed statewide beginning January 1, 2014 and replaced the previous design "Sweet Home Alabama."

Individuals seeking disability parking privileges for the first time must obtain the signature of a licensed physician verifying that the individual qualifies for the parking credentials prior to receiving them. The Application for Disability Access Parking Privileges form must be completed by a licensed physician before a handicap placard and/or handicap license plate is issued for first-time applicants. (Click here to download application)

The removable windshield placard is issued free and will expire at the end of the qualifying individual's registration renewal month in 2017.

The registration fee for the handicap license plate is the same as that of a standard license plate - $23 annually, plus a county issuance fee. The license plate is renewed annually.

 (Click here to view the standard license plate designs.)