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Renew Online

In order to renew your tag registration online have the following items ready: Your current license plate number, Your secret PIN code located on your mail notice reminder, Your valid MasterCard or Visa debit or credit card, or Your bank routing number from your valid checking account. More . . .

License Plates

When you purchase a vehicle, a license plate must be registered to the vehicle within twenty (20) calendar days without penalty.  An Alabama licensed dealer may apply for your Alabama title, but registration at the courthouse is the owner's responsibility. More . . .

Property Tax

Ad valorem tax is collected on vehicles in Alabama. All vehicle values for property tax assessment are set by the Alabama Department of Revenue, Property Tax Division in Montgomery.  Millage rates vary by jurisdictions, and are set by popular vote of the registered voters.  Alabama law allows for motor vehicle owners to become eligible for a property tax credit voucher upon the sale or transfer of ownership. The owner should apply to the county licensing official within one year of the transfer of the vehicle. More . . .

Sales Tax

Alabama law states that purchasers must pay casual sales taxes on the net purchase price of an acquired vehicle new or used vehicle. A licensed dealer must provide a bill of sale with detail reporting of the amounts and rates of sales tax collected. A bill of sale to the buyer is required on vehicle sales by and individual seller. More . . .


Alabama law requires all vehicles (including semi-trailers and travel trailers) with an out-of-state title to be physically inspected when applying for a first time Alabama title. This requirement also applies to new vehicles and trailers with a certificate of origin for conversion to an Alabama title.  More . . .

New Residents To Alabama

Under the provisions of Section 40-12-262, a non-resident moving to the State of Alabama with a current and valid out-of-state registration has 30 days following the date the vehicle enters the state to obtain an Alabama registration. More . . .

Frequently Asked Questions

We have just bought a vehicle, what do I bring to register my vehicle?  More . . .