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Welcome To Our Online Gateway! The Office of License Commissioner, Limestone County, Alabama, is responsible for the issuance of certain business and professional licenses, motor vehicle licenses, motor vehicle titles, temporary tags, motor vehicle and boat casual sales and use taxes, drivers’ licenses and conservation licenses. The Office is also responsible for the assessment and collection of ad valorem and casual sales and use tax on motor vehicles.

Since 1986, our office has provided Limestone County, Alabama their licensing needs as regulated by State of Alabama Law. As you take a look and visit our site, we welcome your ideas and input as we gradually expand our web presence and services.

Since 1989, Greg Tucker has served as the License Commissioner for Limestone County.  

The office staff for the License Commissioner is provided by the Limestone County Commission.  The current staff team includes the following members:

Christie Partridge, Chief Clerk

Johnna Ehlendt, License Supervisor

Hope Beaty, Title Clerk

Angela Ferguson, Title Clerk

Sandra Gaines, Title Clerk

Donna Mattox, Title Clerk

Denise Williams, Title Clerk

Cathy Lamb, License Tag Clerk

Melissa McGlocklin, License Tag Clerk

Rhonda Mitchell, License Tag Clerk

Marcia Pratt, License Tag Clerk

Stefanie Little, Administrative Clerk

Mitzi Cooley, Administrative Clerk

Michele Holden, License Clerk 

Nichole Anderson, Drivers License Clerk


Contact Information


Office Hours:


Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (CST)










Postal Address:


Greg Tucker

License Commissioner

Clinton Street Courthouse Annex

100 S. Clinton Street Suite B

Athens, Alabama 35611